Montag, 3. Februar 2014

Citizen Directors, the masters envy you!

Citizen Directors, the masters envy you!    The short yet rapidly innovative history of the film industry is full of stories about how many directors first explored film-making. They used their parent's home movie cameras and cheap effects that clearly showed the strings, but the point was that they were telling you a story. Those storytellers saw beyond the limits of what they could use to express themselves. What a concept?! Apply that to today's version of the next George Lucas. What are those filmmakers tinkering with to push their vision? The innovation with real-time computing technology and affordable performance PCs now makes the barriers to a vision through computer graphics and 3D animation an option for storytellers with the prerequisite that you have a story, a PC and an affinity to learn a couple of new tricks. In fact, today's citizen director needs only the desire to tell their story and if animation or a digital media experience is part of that story, there's countless options for learning through video and tutorials and mostly for free. Yes, indeed; those masters of film you so admire, they envy you. What's a, 'rack shot?' Google. Where can I learn about video editing? Google. See? Today's filmmakers and storytellers have the best of both worlds; 1) The web will teach you anything 2) Your Computer can likely do anything. Storytellers have the digital advantage, if they so choose to exercise. One great example and partly what inspired today's post is a film created by PEISKERFilm, an iClone filmmaker. Peisker re-envisions Star Wars through CG created with iClone 4, optimized with Intel graphics performance enhancement tools. Peisker's one-man film in contrast with George Lucas' early film challenges for producing visual effects show a fascinating leap in how new filmmakers are able to visually present their imagination. The secret is that the tools and technology are designed for the vision-holder. Sure, a technical artist will feel right at home, but today's innovations are about the rest of us, the Citizen Directors.    Submitted by john-martin.

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